Does therapy work?

Don’t take my word for it…
(Anonymity has been protected by removing family names and identifying details)

Sian living with an abusive partner
“I can’t express how much you have helped me to move forward with my life, but for now and always, please accept my gratitude.” Sian

Kathy had suffered childhood sexual abuse
“I promise not to keep harassing you with emails but I just have to say how much easier it is living life as a 64 year old rather than feeling link a terrified 4 year old!!!!! Thank you so much for your intuitive and skilled help.” Kathy

Adrian had experienced an emotional breakdown, his partner had ended their long term relationship and he had lost his job
“It’s ten and a half months since I left England. I don’t miss it. I continue to take the rough with the smooth and find the work/life balance here suits me. When I think of my time in Manchester it seems like a dream, or a film I saw a very long time ago. It’s like another person met you all those times and walked into your room. Thank you for helping me.” Adrian

Peter’s reason for therapy was to get help with his social anxiety caused by being bullied at school
“… Thanks Dawn. I’m still looking eye-to-eye with others, not up (nor down). I took a commission recently from an MD [of a large international company]. I had a meeting with him in Cheshire and he turned up in pin stripes with a laptop. All very intimidating at one time but not nowadays! Yaaayyy. I hope you are well and still mending people’s heads.” Peter

Christina’s husband had become violent and controlling
“I just thought I’d write to you with updates as things have moved quite fast for me over the past few weeks… My divorce is nearly done, [name of husband] and his family gave me a hard time for a while, but after I blocked their numbers off my phone, my life has become rather peaceful! This has been the most amazing time, … Anyway, I’ll stop waffling now, just wanted to thank you for supporting me along this life changing journey, you’ve been amazing.” Christina

Gillian suffered from low self-esteem caused by child neglect and being bullied in school
“I’m grateful my friend told me she had seen you, she encouraged me to make an appointment and finally sort out my own problems.” Gillian

Parents supported their daughter who had escaped a violent relationship
“We would like to thank you very much for helping [client name]. She is doing very well and it is lovely to have our fun-loving, funny daughter back to health. She is very special to us, as all children are, and we are so grateful for your counselling and support. Thanks again and very best wishes.” C and J

Lilly’s father is an alcoholic, through is actions she experienced violence and shame
“I’m glad I decided to stop hiding and denying myself the opportunity to move on. I’m happier now than I’ve been in a very long time.” Lilly

Michael suffered from anxiety and a lack of confidence
“I’ve found it useful, having someone who didn’t know me to talk to, to look at a wider picture with.” Michael

Karen didn’t know why she had anxiety but was willing to find out
“Sometimes we can’t see the obvious until it’s pointed out. I now feel calmer and more able to cope.” Karen

Andrew had had a chaotic childhood
“I have had an amazing journey. These sessions have given me tools to use while I continue on my life’s journey. Recognising who I am and what works for me.” Andrew

Fear was holding this client back from engaging with life’s activities
“Just quick note to thank you for your work with [wife’s name]. I don’t know what you did but it has made a huge difference to her confidence. She is enjoying things a lot more and has a positive perspective, we are very grateful to you. Thanks again.” Paul

Dave is a paramedic suffering from PTSD caused by attending many graphic incidents
“I hope you’re well. I was very close to asking for your professional help about 10 days ago, however I persevered and it has been constructively and ‘cleanly’ worked through. It never ceases to amaze me how profoundly you helped and (as a consequence) continue to help me find myself. Dave

Kate was virtually housebound
One week after her first appointment she sent an email, which said, ‘I have just returned from a shopping trip to ASDA with a trolley load and some fresh bread! And last Thursday, the day after our appointment, I ventured into town during and shopped in Tesco, M & S and a couple of small shops. I was a little apprehensive once or twice but it passed quickly. Thanks for your help’, see you next week. Kate

Following the traumatic birth of her first child, Catherine had a fear of childbirth
“I just wanted to message you to say a HUGE MASSIVE THANKYOU for being so damn good at what you do. You were completely in tune with everything I was thinking and feeling, and because of your huge sense of empathy I felt completely comfortable dealing with some of the most powerful feelings I’ve ever felt. I know I wouldn’t have had this amazing birth experience if you hadn’t helped me in the way you did, so thank you so much. … I will sing your praises to anyone I know who is in a similar situation.” Catherine

Jane was apprehensive about the birth of her first child
“Just to let you know the birth went really well. my son was born on 9th Feb in water weighing 7lb 15oz. It all happened very quickly – waters went at 1am, arrived at hospital at 4am, fully at 7am. I did use some gas and air during ‘transition’, but didn’t do anything. Relaxed +++ during birthing phase and just breathed him into the world. The work I did with you was very beneficial and I can’t thank you enough. It was the labour and birth I wanted.” Jane

When we first met Tim was off work with stress
“I just wanted to say how great my counsellor Dawn Haworth is, she has really helped me a lot. I feel she is more like a friend than a counsellor who has helped me get some of my confidence back & feel better about myself. I am so much calmer & don’t get stressed as much about things. I recommend her to anyone; she is very down to earth & easy to talk to. Dawn was excellent – professional, helpful and thoughtful. She helped me a great deal.” Tim

Ellie had presentation nerves and was fearful of public speaking
Just wanted to say thanks again for the NLP session we had. My presentation went really well. Thank you for your help! Ellie

Ian wanted to learn how to manage his anger and anxiety
“I haven’t had a bout of tearfulness or rage for some weeks now. I’m feeling more energetic, and have tackled a lot of stuff around the house in particular, as well as more socialising. You’d suggested I aim at doing about 40 hours activity at home before returning to work and I seem to be there now, and I’m happy to return to work, which is planned for next Monday.” Ian

Referral and testimonial from Jean Anderson a Hypnotherapist
“May I say how truly impressed I am with both you and your techniques. I referred my client to you because her deep seated fears were still in the forefront of her mind even after 2 yrs. I can only say that the results of her visit to you were palpable. The next day when I saw her, she couldn’t stop smiling and looking relaxed. In fact just looking at her, one could tell a transformation had taken place. Her only worry was it would not last, but later the next week she still looked joyous. I feel absolutely that had she come to you earlier she would have saved herself 2 years of torment. She said, “Dawn has given me the ability to look forward to this birth” [her second child]”. I have to say you should be on prescription!” Jean Anderson

Jennie had a fear of giving birth
“Hello Dawn, 8 ish months ago I came to you for a treatment because I was petrified of giving birth specifically the head crowning. You helped me massively and I had a baby boy in the pool at home with only 3 pushes and no fear. So I wanted to thank you. I have been meaning to e mail before now but I have been so busy.” Jennie

Lucy was suffering bereavement from sudden death
“I’m doing well at the moment & you were probably right at my last session that I don’t really need to come back again for now. So if it’s ok with you I will cancel the appointment I booked for 20th. Thanks again for everything. You have really helped me get to a better place. Lucy

Paul’s bereavement and anxiety had been triggered by witnessing a friend’s suicide and being called to the coroner’s court
“Thanks for your help today. Felt really apprehensive when I left. It’s just a case of learning to trust my reactions. I think I felt anxious because I really want this to work. So I did it! I managed to read the reports without any rise in anxiety. Now I feel like I have crossed a barrier and my anxiety is falling as I write. Just thought I’d let you know – you clever person you!” Paul

Phil had audition nerves
“I am delighted to inform you I was successful in both auditions. I must thank you for the help and advice you gave me in our sessions, it was a great help and made a big difference in my mindset leading up to the auditions. I think the overall impression I gave was better than in previous auditions. … So thanks again for all your help, it played an important part in my success.” Phil

Hannah’s confidence and lack of self-esteem had been affected by her domineering father
“I thought I would send you an email, just to let you know how I’m doing, as (hopefully) I still don’t see myself needing to come back anytime soon (touch wood!). I realised that it is coming up to one year when I started coming to see you, which I can’t believe, it’s gone so fast!

Things are a lot better. I am feeling much more settled. Things with Dad are better, and I feel 100% more relaxed around him now. I have also noticed lately how much more I feel connected to everybody else, just ‘people’, strangers, and humanity I guess, I feel like one of the them now (not sure who I felt like before!) and feel like I am one of the good people, just trying to improve the world in our own little way. This is a nice feeling because I have never felt ‘fond’ of other people, even strangers, which I’m finding I am doing now. I feel part of the system, if that makes sense.

I find I am not as impatient anymore, although I am still quite grumpy sometimes… but we can’t change everything too fast can we. Haven’t had any major crying / anger sessions at all, although can feel it trying to come back sometimes, I feel stronger and able to deal with it.” Hannah

Steve’s daughter was suffering from depression
“Just quick note to thank you for your work with [daughter’s name]. I don’t know what you did but it has made a huge difference to her confidence. She is enjoying things a lot more and has a positive perspective, we are very grateful to you. Thanks again.” Steve

Gary’s relationship had broken down and he was divorcing his husband
“Thanks Dawn. Wishing you all the best for the future and thank you again for all your help, support and insight over the last year, I really do feel in a better place now. Take Care.” Gary