Employer Assistance

Hidden and Expensive Costs to your Business

When an employee has something on his or her mind, whether the problem is with work or home, chances are they will become distracted and less focused; productivity falls and sickness absence can ensue. Your support if staff in a fast-moving environment makes business sense. Employees often face increasing pressures from longer working hours, demanding performance targets, tight deadlines, perceived or real job insecurity, home worries and/or family issues to solve. Stressed employees can impact productivity, employee retention and absenteeism.

Statistically …
bullet43% of sickness absence (due to ill health) is stress related
bulletStress accounts for 35% of all work related ill health
bulletA person off work with stress will (on average) be off work for 23 days
bulletPeople who regularly work longer than 48 hours a week a more likely to develop a dangerous relationship with alcohol
(Source: Health and Safety Executive: Work related stress, anxiety and depression statistics in Great Britain 2014/15)

Issues Known To Affect Working Practices
bulletAdjusting to change, promotion, redundancy or retirement
bulletRelationship issues (work or home)
bulletChanges in temperament
bulletLack of confidence
bulletAnxiety or depression
bulletLow self esteem
bulletBullying and harassment
bulletHome or work related stress
bulletLife changing illness or injury
bulletMajor life events (eg births, accidents, deaths)
bulletFamily issues (eg children, aging parents)
bulletSeparation & divorce

How will you help my company?

I am highly qualified UKCP registered Psychotherapist with an MSc in Psychological Trauma, meaning every day I help people successfully overcome a wide range of issues and triumph over some of the most difficult times of their lives.

I have specialised in direct and indirect effects of trauma and support individuals to overcome traumatic events. I also work with companies who have experienced a Critical Incident to debrief individuals and groups. The sole purpose of this work is to stabilise colleagues and prevent sickness absence though the effects of shock or trauma.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment please call me, Dawn Haworth, on 07818 840 841 or email dawn@lifedesignsandmore.co.uk.